Polish singer Emanuela

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I am a young Polish artist, singsongwriter, born in 2004.I have been playing the piano since I was 4 years old. At the age of 14 I started composing songs seriously and I create them all by myself. I write the lyrics all by myself, compose the melody and also perform them myself. I am a soloist. The genre in which I create my songs is called Revolutionary. I'm not inspired by any other musician because I don't like copies very much.I draw topics from real life, i.e. not from what influencers and the Internet show us, usually only its ideal moments. I am of the opinion that everyone is unique in showing their true natural face, and looking like others we waste only ourselves. I would like to be an example that you should not be ashamed of your originality, because in the times in which we live, it is very hard to find. In the years in which we are turning, differentness can cause hate from the side of others, even though it is a positive trait, that's why I want to start this lifestyle so that others don't have to be afraid just to be oryginal, just to be yourself. My music style is natural. There is no place for autotunes or computerized voices in it. A feature of this music is a large dose contrast and a swing of emotions.The song may be generally sad, but in the process there is a spontaneous change of mood, e.g. happy. Along with this, there is a sudden emergency change of key or tempo. My own composition breaks with many rules of music.I would like to add to the description that my melodies contain very reflective and educational texts and aimed at conveying values ​​that have lost their popularity over time, and are even often ridiculed when they are spoken of aloud in a large company, and in fact everyone in silence dreams of their return. Another feature is that the background instrument is quieter than the singer's voice. My texts are poetic, and they usually contain a lot of metaphors, and their meanings sometimes have to be guessed.They contain lots of quotes, golden thoughts, symbols and lots other stylistic means. My music is designed to bring back memories, it is sentimental, comforting, true, emotional and romantic.Many the content of the opinions about my works stated that my music allows you to move very easily into a different world, a bit fabulous and magical, which was also intentional, although the themes of my songs are taken from the real world.In my work, there is a significant use of dynamics, articulation and agogics.

Your Emanuela.